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SOUTH AFRICA - Training session of Rand Water staff and trainers

Afrique du Sud
Nombre del Cliente: 
Rand Water
Fecha de inicio: 
June, 2012
Fecha de finalización: 
August, 2012
Organsimo financiador: 
Rand Water
Descripción del proyecto: 

The project executed by the National Training Centre of IOWater aimed at providing specialized technical training programs dealing with drinking water and waste water infrastructure operation and to train rand Water trainees.


  • To present general knowledge related to the operation and process control of water and waste water equipment and infrastructures
  • To realise some practical works on pedagogical facilities of IOWater training centre



  • Drinking water networks schemes
  • Principle of drinking water network sizing.
  • General presentation of drinking water network equipment and infrastructures : pipes, valves, hydrant, hydraulic control valves, flow meters, water meters
  • Network efficiency improvement : strategies and organization
  • Main operation tasks and maintenance on drinking water networks and their equipment.
  • Detailed visit of IOWater show room related to water supply network
  • Practical works on IOWater pedagogical facilities: pipes laying, house connections, pipe detection, leak detection and pipe repairs.


  • Drinking water production schemes concerning raw underground water and surface water
  • Study of a drinking water production process (coagulation, flocculation, settling, filtration, adjustment of calco-carbonic equilibrium, disinfection)
  • Main operation tasks and process controls on a drinking water production plant
  • Realisation and interpretation of lab analysis for operation (practical works) and interpretation of results : coagulation- flocculation test (jar-test), oxidizing matters, TA / TAC, TH, turbidity, pH, chlorine chemical demand …
  • Practical works on a pedagogical facility for drinking water production (15 m3/h) from surface water : preparation and dosing of reagents, clarification (coagulation, flocculation, settling, filtration), adjustment of calco-carbonic equilibrium, disinfection with chlorine or bleach, process control
  • Visit of IOWater laboratory and presentation of classical drinking water analysis and of classical waste water analysis

Visit of Limoges drinking water production plant: preliminary ozonation, remineralisation, coagulation-flocculation, settling, filtration, post ozonation, activated charcoal, disinfection


  • Waste water treatment plant schemes working with activated sludge process
  • General presentation of activated sludge equipment and tanks: aeration tank, aerators, gaz remover, settling tank, recirculation, extraction of sludge, sludge thickening and dewatering
  • Main operation tasks and process controls on activated sludge process and sludge dewatering
  • Realisation and interpretation of lab analysis for operation (practical works) and interpretation of results : observation of activated sludge process, SS, COD, BOD5, N, P, pH, EhN, O2 content, dried matter content, settling tests, SVI, microscopic observation …
  • Practical works on a pedagogical facility working with activated sludge process (500 population equivalent), on a real waste water treatment plant and on pedagogical dewatering units
  • Visit of Limoges waste water treatment plant : preliminary treatment (screening, sieving, grit and grease remover, sand cleaning, greases treatment, activated sludge process with N and P removal, thickening, anaerobic digestion, dewatering.


  • General presentation of waste water network equipment : different types of collectors and their materials, pipes, branches, pumping station
  • Visit of IOWater pedagogical facilities and presentation of equipment
  • Implementation of laying sewerage pipes in trench and realization of acceptance tests
  • Practical works on IOWater pedagogical facilities : acceptance of new sewerage networks
  • Main operation tasks and controls on waste water networks
  • Practical works on IOWater pedagogical facilities : television inspection and control of connections.
  • Dangers linked to the operation in waste water network (respiratory failure, falling, …)
  • Practical works on IOWater pedagogical facilities with a sewer system


  • Hydraulic performances of centrifugal pumps (Head, flow rate, efficiency, power…).
  • Presentation of the main types of centrifugal pumps (show room)
  • Procedure to be followed for a centrifugal pump test.
  • Possibilities offered by the use of variable speed drives on centrifugal pumps
  • NPSH and cavitation
  • Pump coupling
  • Practical works on a test bed: measurement of centrifugal pump hydraulic performances.
  • Pumps maintenance

Practical works at workshop: replacement of the main wearing parts on a centrifugal pump (bearings, sealing, o- ring joints).

Descripción de los servicios prestados por la OIA: 

1 month training session


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