Noticias de la OIA

publié le 19/08/2019
En Nouvelle-Aquitaine, l’eau distribuée au robinet est à 95% de bonne (voire très bonne) qualité (ARS, 2018).
publié le 25/07/2019
Dans le cadre de son développement, l’OIEau recrute un(e) chargé(e) de formation et d’étude, spécialisé(e) en pose et exploitation de réseaux d’eau potable et d’assainissement (H/F).
publié le 04/07/2019
The International Office for Water disseminates most of the latest water news in France and around the world every three months through the free magazine "Information Eaux". It is available, on request, in electronic version. Issue 631 (April, May, June 2019) has just been published.  
publié le 02/07/2019
A new section has just appeared on the website of the International Office for Water. This concerns the economy applied to the fields of water, aquatic environments and the biodiversity associated with these environments.
publié le 01/07/2019
The project of the National Institute of Vocational Training (INFP) of Haiti "Competence for Youth Employment", in which the International Office for Water has been working with CRESFED since 2017, has successfully taken a decisive step: the trainers of the Pilot Centre for Vocational Training of
publié le 27/06/2019
Can innovative solutions or processes, in France, help stakeholders in the water sector to improve their economic performance and to effectively face the multiple societal challenges to which the resource they are responsible - water - must respond?
publié le 17/06/2019
The national seminar "SAGE & adaptation to climate change" was held on 24 and 25 September 2018 at the Orléans Conference Centre.
publié le 11/06/2019
FIWARE es una plataforma informática abierta, que fue creada en el marco del programa de colaboración público-privada sobre el internet del futuro (FI-PPP), lanzado por la Comisión Europea en 2011.
publié le 05/06/2019
World Environment Day, proclaimed by the United Nations Environment Programme and celebrated each year on 5 June, raises a variety of issues focused on the preservation of natural resources but also on the quality of life of citizens around the world.
publié le 03/06/2019
On Wednesday 29 May, the International Office for Water (IOWater) inaugurated the new facilities at its Limoges site, in the presence of officials, numerous guests and the press.