Noticias de la OIA

publié le 16/10/2018
L’Office International de l’Eau (OIEau), association de droit français sans but lucratif déclarée d’utilité publique par Décret du 13 septembre 1991, recrute un(e) responsable de la communication, au sein de la Direction Commercial, Marketing, Communication.
publié le 11/10/2018
Organized by Réseau Environnement, the 41st Symposium on Water Management brings together more than 350 municipal stakeholders, professionals from the drinking water, wastewater and stormwater sectors, as well as researchers and consultants.
publié le 11/10/2018
The consideration of climate change in the Water Development and Management Schemes (SAGE) was chosen as the main theme of the SAGE 2018 national seminar, organized on 24 and 25 September last in Orléans, jointly by the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition (MTES), the
publié le 10/10/2018
The IOWater National Training Centre for Water Professions was, in 2012, the first Training Organization authorized to provide training for the Certificate of Ability to Work in Confined Spaces (CATEC®).
publié le 09/10/2018
Se espera que los países africanos sean los más afectados por el cambio climático, en particular debido a los cambios en los regímenes de lluvia, y por lo tanto, a la cantidad y calidad de los recursos hídricos.
publié le 05/10/2018
Ecological engineering appears to be a solution to meet the current challenges of protecting, managing and restoring the environment.
publié le 04/10/2018
For 15 years, the National Conference on On-Site Sanitation (OSS) have been the privileged meeting place for elected officials and professionals in the sector, allowing the various stakeholders to exchange views on technical, regulatory and methodological issues of the NCS.
publié le 04/10/2018
The International Office for Water disseminates the main water news in France and worldwide every three months through the free magazine "Information Eaux". It is available in electronic version . Issue 628 (July, August, September 2018) has just been published.
publié le 03/10/2018
From October 05 to November 06, 2018, the "Climate Train" will travel throughout New Aquitaine for a tour of 6 cities, co-organized with the AcclimaTerra scientific committee with the support of the New Aquitaine Region.
publié le 03/10/2018
Pascal Boyer, Directeur adjoint du Centre National de Formation aux Métiers de l'Eau (CNFME) à l'Office International de l'Eau, en charge de l'action commerciale et des relations extérieures, est intervenu le 24 septembre 2018 dans l’émission "9h50 le matin".