Facilitate the calculation and analysis of environmental data


The International Office for Water (IOWater) has just made available to all a platform, freely accessible on the web, dedicated to the calculation of environmental statistics: ASTA-ENV (Aide à la STAtistique ENVironnementale).

ASTA-ENV allows, without any software to install:

  • to view the reviews;
  • perform statistical tests such as the Mann-Kendall test to identify trends and slope breaks in a time series;
  • to characterize the selected data (number, average, etc.);
  • to launch calculations on a defined territory (departments, regions, hydrographic regions, water development and management plans, catchment supply areas, etc.);
  • to view the results in graph form, or to export tables of results.

The objective is to facilitate the interpretation and analysis of natural environment monitoring data in order to better target actions to preserve the environment and biodiversity.

Visualization of the results in graph: example of the evolution over time of the nitrate concentration at a measuring station

"Knowledge: a prerequisite for efficient water resource management"

IOWater has been involved for many years in the management of data related to water and aquatic environments. It makes its expertise available both in France and internationally for actions to support the development of Water Information Systems (WIS). As genuine decision-making tools, WISs are intended to organise access to data, one of the keys to the successful implementation of water policies and adaptation to climate change.