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Mali : A modernised water code

A National Concertation Workshop dealing with the preliminary Draft of the Malian Water Code was held in Bamako in May 1998.


About 80 people attended. Representatives from the four Ministries concerned either at the central level or at the level of their regional directorates, public companies and different private enterprises actively participated in this workshop, chaired by the National Director for Water and Energy.

IOWater, represented by Messrs. Joël Mancel, Director of International Co-operation, and J. Sironneau provided legal assistance to the Malian Authorities in the drawing up of the final version of this new Water Code..

The drawing-up of this new legislation focused on the revision and analysis of existing texts regarding the water sector, formulated in 1991 under the aegis of the United Nations Development Programme.

This Water Code allows the gathering in a sole document of all essential legislation, many parts of which being dispersed.

Among the retained principles, the new law relies on comprehensive water management, with a twofold aspect: its quantitative and qualitative conservation and its development as an economic resource.

The code provides the basic principle of public ownership of the water heritage as a whole.

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