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Low Cost Technologies: Creation of a Francophone Telematics Centre

The Francophone Network on Water and Sanitation (RéFEA) gathers the International Office for Water, the Regional Centre for low-cost Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation (CREPA) of Ouagadougou, Canada Environment and the Water Solidarity Programme (pS-Eau) to set up a Francophone Telematics Centre regarding resources, information, discussions and references on low-cost water and sanitation technologies.


This project is financed by the Francophone Information Highways Fund, by the Limousin Regional Council, the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs, within the framework of decentralised co-operation and by the participating organisations themselves.

The Centre has many purposes: a site which enables discussion and consultation and is accessible via the Internet, it is devoted to the implementation of low-cost water management tools; it integrates databases related to the topic, offers assistance and advice to small and medium size companies and industries of the sector and to both humanitarian organisations and those helping development, whether they be from the North or the South; it is a useful educational tool for training purposes.

This Centre, a place where the water environment and new information and communication technologies meet, favours the contribution and know-how of French-speaking experts in this field, as to date, the only access of this type is in the English language.

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