A presence always stronger in Switzerland

IOWater is participating in all the training courses organized by the Regrouping for the Training of Operators of Wastewater Treatment Plants (FES).
This 10-week training program is validated by a final written and oral exam chaired by a jury including IOWater experts.
This federal Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Diploma was created in 2002 with the first graduates in 2005, and is recognized by the Swiss Confederation.
From 2012 to 2015, IOWater especially developed its training activities in Switzerland for industries, such as:
  •  The Tamoil company at Collombey;
  •  The CIMO company at Monthey;
  •  The Merck Serono company at Vevey.
In 2015, like every year, the Industrial Department of the City of Geneva asked IOWater to train its personnel on the topics of sewerage systems and wastewater treatment plants.