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"CICOS" Cartography of partners of the International Congo-Ubangi-Sangha Basin Commission

The International Congo-Ubangi-Sangha Basin Commission (CICOS) was established in 1999 by Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
Gabon and Angola joined the institution later.
“CICOS” mandate is to promote inland waterway transport and develop water resources in the basin. The implementation of projects and programs of “CICOS” and of its Member States is supported by various technical and financial partners.
To enhance the effectiveness of this support, a profile analysis of the partners operating in the sectors of inland navigation and water management was carried out at national and regional levels.
This study, financed by German Cooperation (GIZ) and entrusted to IOWater, combined a literature review, interviews with partners in each country and field investigations.
IOWater developed a comprehensive list of partners indicating their position in relation to “CICOS” and the nature of the projects implemented.
Based on the major trends thus observed, a number of recommendations to “CICOS” for mobilizing funding was established.

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