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Afri-Alliance : Afri-EU Innovation Alliance for Water and Climate

Afri-Alliance (Afri-EU Innovation Alliance for Water and Climate), an European H2020 project, 2016-2021, is mobilizing 16 partners. It aims to enable African and European stakeholders of the water sector to work together on issues of innovation and Science Policy Interface in order to develop the African capacity to meet the future challenges generated by climate change.
The project, coordinated by the UNECO-IHE Center, will strengthen and enhance research and innovation related to water and climate change.
Afri-Alliance, that will last five years from the first half of 2016, is part of a continuous process of technology and knowledge transfer (WP3 / WP5).
Particular attention is paid to innovation needs at different regional levels in Africa, collected through the analysis of innovation needs of existing networks in the short and medium term which will allow developing groups of specific actions. IOWater will coordinate the development of a research & innovation agenda. All this work will be supported and followed up by key stakeholders in research and innovation in Africa and Europe, regrouped together in an Advisory Committee.
Partners: UNESCO-IHE, Waternet (ZWE), Water Research Council-WRC (ZAF), ICLEI Africa (ZAF), African Network for river Basin Organization-ANBO, Global Water Partnership-GWP, African Water Association-AfWA (CIV), West Africa Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use-WASCAL, BothEnds (NLD), Akvo (NLD), International Institute for Environment Engineering-2iE (BFA), Council for Scientific and Industrial research-CSIR (BFA), Water Environment and Business for development-WE&B (ESP), International Office for Water- IOWater (FRA), Faculty of Geo-Information Science and earth Observation-ICT-UTwente (NLD), Water supply and sanitation technology Platform-WssTP;

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