Franco-Chinese cooperation for the integrated management of the Hai River Basin


The Steering Committee of the Franco-Chinese cooperation project for the integrated management of water resources in the Hai River Basin was held in Tianjin (China) on 21 May 2019, with representatives of the Seine-Normandy Water Agency in attendance on the French side, the Interdepartmental Sanitation Union of the Parisian Agglomeration, the French Embassy in China and the International Office for Water, and for the Chinese part of the Hai River Water Conservation Commission, the City of Tianjin and the Hebei Province.

This high-level meeting resulted in the signing of the agreement to extend phase 3 of the cooperation project for 18 months. This new framework offers the opportunity, on the one hand, to make extensive use of the results obtained to date and, on the other hand, to reflect on the follow-up to be given to this project, in particular by opening it up to new themes such as the preservation of biodiversity.