Laboratories from all over France are improving their water analysis methods at IOWater


IOWater and AGLAE (Association Générale des Laboratoires d'Analyses et d'Essais), which aims to contribute to the improvement of analyses, in particular chemical, microbiological and biological analyses, in the fields of the environment and medical biology, co-organized, from 02 to 05 April, interlaboratory test days with the programme: "In situ measurements and sampling in different types of water", and "Sampling by automatic sampler in sewage treatment plant".

These trainings benefited from the equipment of the IOWater laboratory located in the La Souterraine (Creuse).

The analysis of these samples (drinking water but also water from swimming pool, river, bathing zone and wastewater treatment plant) provided results that made it possible to highlight the improvements to be made in order to increase performance and ensure better consistency in calibration.

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