TWIST Project: a co-creation workshop for a living laboratory (LaViSO)


Within the framework of the SUDOE programme (FEDER funds), the TWIST project (Transnational Water Innovation Strategy) aims to create an innovative model for transnational and transregional organisation and collaboration for the co-creation, experimentation, evaluation and market entry of innovative technologies and products in the sanitation and wastewater treatment sector.

The model is structured by 3 specialized and complementary living laboratories (L-Labs):

  • in France ;
  • in Spain ;
  • in Portugal.


UNILIM (University of Limoges), IOWater (International Office for Water) and IFTS (Institute of Filtration and Separation Techniques) are the French partners of the TWIST project which will set up in June 2019 the Living Laboratory for the french South-West (LaViSO / New Aquitaine and Occitanie).

This living laboratory must have an economic impact on the South-Western region of Europe but it will also be open to various SMEs and Start-Ups throughout Europe.

As part of the definition of the missions and scope of the living laboratory for the South West, the French partners of the TWIST project invite you to participate in the LaViSO co-creation workshop.

This workshop will take place on Thursday, May 9, 2019 in Limoges. You will find in attached file: