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Burkina Faso

Mouhoun Water Agency: Towards the implementation of the SDAGE


The assistance provided by IOWater to the Mouhoun Water Agency (AEM) with the support of Adour-Garonne and Seine-Normandy Water Agencies is continuing.
After the adoption of the Mouhoun Master Plan for Water Development and Management (SDAGE) in July 2014, year 2015 was devoted to accompanying the “AEM” in the operational implementation of the “SDAGE” and in strengthening its departments and services with assignments dealing with:
  • Development of knowledge of water resources, with a mission of two experts of IOWater in Dédougou, “AEM” home office, to support the Water Resources Department in the definition of monitoring;
  •  Drafting of the “AEM” Multi-Year Action Plan;
  •  Recovery of the Financial Contribution regarding water.
A pilot Water Police service was established in the Kou sub-basin.
A second visit to France in 2015 allowed the various stakeholders to exchange on the difficulties encountered, to participate in a Basin Committee and work with their counterparts on topics such as: communication, Programs of Measures and their funding.


Integrated management of the Nakanbé in Burkina Faso and the White Volta Basin in Ghana

IOWater has been helping the Nakanbe Water Agency (AEN) since 2011 with the support of the Loire-Brittany Water Agency (AELB).
Throughout 2015, the AEN continued its SDAGE elaboration by adopting the Nakanbe Basin assessment and working on Basin Development scenarios.
An IOWater expert was mobilized to accompany this process and share his experience.
A training course for the members of the Basin Committee was also held as a side event of the Assessment Adoption session.
As the White Volta is a transboundary river, an IWRM project was also started with the support of the AELB in the downstream sub-basin of the White Volta in Ghana.
The first phase of this project was completed in 2015 with a three-day workshop, led by IOWater and two experts from AELB, on the topics of joint planning between Burkina Faso and Ghana and sustainable financing of basin agencies. A report was drafted on this occasion and the outlines of the 2nd phase were drawn.


Sectoral support to DWSS

Under the Accompanying Measures for Sectoral Support to DWSS funded by German Cooperation, KfW:
  •  Puts funds at the disposal of Burkina Faso for making water and sanitation investments and for support to the stakeholders in the building of infrastructure;
  •  Establishes stakeholder capacity-building programs for sustainable management of structures and for the quality-assurance system linked to the planning and implementation of equipments.
In this context, the RODECO-IOWater Group works with the National Water and Sanitation Office (ONEA) on two main components:
  •  Stakeholders’ capacity building and skill development through vocational training for nearly 550 staff members;
  •  The implementation of a Quality System, in connection with planning and the building of structures.
In 2015, RODECO and IOWater developed the following actions:
  •  Implementation of a Quality System:
- Assessing “ONEA” operational departments to characterize the working procedures and methods used and identify the existing strengths or weaknesses;
- Facilitating consultation meetings with “ONEA” staff, to define areas for improvement that will provide the basis for the new Quality System;
- Analyzing the functioning of “ONEA” for the definition of proposals to improve and simplify, where appropriate, the procedures concerning the contractual follow-up and work supervision, investment planning, the drafting of tender documents.
  •  Training the staff of “ONEA” and of the water sector:
- Selection by “ONEA” of a staff training program for the operational investment planning (IPR), exploitation (DEX) and sanitation (DASS) departments;
- Drafting of detailed descriptive sheets for 35 training courses;
- Development of educational tools for “ONEA’s” internal trainers to conduct training sessions and enrich the educational resources of ONEA Water Training Center (CEMEAU).

Capacity Building of “CEMEAU”

The project for the capacity building of the Water Training Center (CEMEAU) of the National Office for Water and Sanitation (ONEA), led by the GFA-IOWater group and funded by German Cooperation GIZ (GIZ- PEA program), ended in July 2015.
Among the latest technical assistance activities carried out by the International Office for Water from October 2014 to July 2015, we may mention in particular:
  •  Completion of the Center’s Management Handbook;
  •  Development of the website and training catalogue;
  •  Recommendations on the expected evolution of the Center’s staff;
  •  Consolidation of the Center's financial management tools;
  •  Definition of a priority program of training courses for water stakeholders of Burkina Faso others than ONEA’s ones, such as: decentralized administrations, local technical services, private operators, companies and repair shops, NGOs;
  •  Establishment of platforms and practical workshops on electromechanical engineering and automation
In addition, a technical visit to the IOWater’s National Water Training Center (NWTC) was organized in France in June 2015 for the Director of “CEMEAU” and a team of trainers. It focused on:
  •  Educational organization and commercial management tools of a WTC;
  •  Technical training on electromechanical maintenance;
  •  How to carry out practical workshops.
The large GIZ technical assistance program for ONEA’s CEMEAU plans for a third phase. During the final project restitution meeting, various scenarios for strengthening CEMEAU were presented for this prospect.

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